Fuel Cell 9096

Oakley has been toying with a mix of art and technology for some time. The idea was to create clean, authentic style for those who don’t just walk the path of life – they stomp it and leave footprints. That’s what led to Oakley Fuel Cell. The idea here is unflinching originality and a smooth look. It’s proof that when authenticity speaks for itself, it speaks with volume.

The two lenses are actually cut from a single shield of optically pure Plutonite® then placed in the frame to maintain the original, continuous contour. An innovation of High Definition Optics® (HDO®), Polaric Ellipsoid™ lens geometry extends clarity all the way to your peripheral view, exceeding ANSI Z87.1 optical standards. Impact protection meets ANSI Z87.1 basic standards while UV filtering is an unbeatable 100% for every single ray of UVA, UVB and UVC. The lens curvature and frame architecture improve side protection, and durable yet lightweight O MATTER® frame material maximizes comfort with a perfect Three-Point Fit.


Fuel Cell 9096 05 Polarized Lenses
Fuel Cell 9096 05
Fuel Cell 9096 D8 PRIZM Deep Water Polarized PRIZM Deep Water Technology
Fuel Cell 9096 D8 PRIZM Deep Water
Fuel Cell 9096 A6 Infinite Hero Limited Edition
Fuel Cell 9096 A6
Fuel Cell 9096 A8
Fuel Cell 9096 01
Fuel Cell 9096 01