Oakley Replacement Shields Oakley
from €70.00
from €60.00
€10.00 (14%)

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Available for :  M Frame Strike (OO9060)- M Frame Sweep (OO9059) - M Frame Hybrid(OO9024) - M Frame Hybrid S(OO9061) - Radar XL Straight (OO9111)- Radar XL Blades (OO9110) - Radar Path (OO9051) - Radar Pitch (OO9052) - Radar Range (OO9056)- Radarlock Path (OO9181)-Radarlock Pitch (OO9182)- Radarlock XL (OO9170)- Radarlock XL Straight (OO9196)- Radarlock Edge (OO9183)- Enduring Edge (OO9073)- Enduring Pace (OO9072)-

The exact code of the model and the colour lenses code, has to be write in the note form of the order.

Attention: the price will be different according to the Lens type (simple or Iridium) .

For any further information please contact us